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Junior Safe Search
Research Guidelines
Holidays Around the World
1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade

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Research Guidelines


How to Research:

1. Library books
  2. Online encyclopedias 


  1. A-Z Animals
  2. National Geographic Animals
  3. Kids  National Geographic Animals
  4. FactZoo
  5. All About Animals
  6. National Zoo - Smithsonian
  7. Animal Facts Encyclopedia
  8. Ocean Animals
  9. San Diego Zoo
  10. Enchanted Learning  - Use the magnifing glass to search 
  11. Australian Animals - Kids Travel
  12. Australian Native Animals
  13. OZ Animals
  3. Oradell Website - Your grade level links
  4. Student Search Engines 

Google Junior Safe Search




BIBLIOGRAPHY is mandatory  

  • Include all research, books, photos, and music 
  • K-4 copy include URL's in your Bibliography
  • 5-6th Use MLA formatted on your Bibliography
  • MLA Citation websites 

  1. NoodleTools Express
  2. Easybib
  3. Citation Machine
        Copyright Law for ALL photos, videos and images
  • Give credit for ALL images in your Bibliography
  • OR  place the URL under the image( K-4)
  • Photos sent to the printer must include the URL

      Video - Convert clips to correct formats    Clipconverter

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