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Nora Rose

This is my eleventh year at Oradell Public School as the ESL teacher.  I started my career as an elementary school teacher and have been teaching ESL for over seventeen years.  I am married to my husband Craig and have two beautiful daughters Maya and Alayna, a wonderful son Benjamin, and one beautiful boxer dog Addy.  I was once an immigrant to the United States, so I can empathize with my students.  Learning a new language and culture can be extremely difficult, but rewarding at the same time.  Embracing different cultures is an important value in life.  We all have our own stories to share.  We should take the time to listen to all of them.  You can reach me by email at or by phone at 201-261-1180  ext. 5037



ELL Program

Our program is designed for children who are bilingual, who speak English and/or another language at home or understand another language.
In order to participate in the program we use the following criteria:
  • A screening tool to assess the level of English language proficiency (WIDA MODEL)
  • Classroom observations with classroom teachers
  • ACCESS scores from previous years
  • Home language survey completed during registration for any new incoming students

Our Model of Instruction:

We provide instruction aligned with the WIDA Standards and the ELA CCSS in:

  • Push-In: supporting the students in the classroom with the teacher and teaching the content in the classroom.

  • Pull-Out: supporting the students in small groups in the ESL classroom

Assessment and Monitoring Progress: 
For placement: WIDA MODEL 

During the year:  observations, classroom assessments, classroom teacher input, DRA's, LinkIt, reading levels

Summative: ACCESS for ELLS 
Instructional Strategies:
Pre-teaching the content and vocabulary

Modifying instruction

Providing modifications for classroom teachers

Using visuals to access content

Encouraging use of home language to support English learning




ELL Events happening now





ESL Information Session

September 28,2022